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Line (class)

Contains information about the product lines needed to create a Note.


IdintegerLine identifier
Type *LineTypeType of line, see more in LineType (enum)
OrderintegerNumber of order lines
LevelintegerIndicates the indentation level of the line
Code *stringProduct code
NamestringName of product. If not indicated, is assigned to be reflected in the data sheet.
DescriptionstringProduct Description. If not indicated, is assigned to be reflected in the data sheet.
Quantity *decimalQuantity, units to be delivered
QuantityDelivereddecimal?This attribute is for query only
QuantityPrepareddecimal?Prepared quantity
QuantityToPreparedecimal?Quantity to prepare
PhysicalUnitCodedecimalPhysical unit that identifies the quantity
PricedecimalProduct price
RetailPricedecimalRetail price (include VAT)
LastCostdecimalLast cost
AverageCostdecimalAverage cost
AverageCostOthersdecimalAverage cost others
TheoreticalCostdecimalTheoretical cost
PercentDiscountdecimalPercent discount
CascadeDiscountstringCascade discount
CodeVATdecimalCode of tax
PercentVATdecimalPercent of tax rate
PriceMaterialdecimalPrice material
PriceLabourdecimalPrice labour
PriceAccessoriesdecimalPrice accessories
PriceAdministrationdecimalPrice administration
StoreCodestringWarehouse code
DeliveryDatedateDelivery date
DeliveryDateExpecteddateDate expected delivery products
ReferencestringIt indicates a free text
PromotionalReferenceCodestringIt indicates a promotional reference code from rate
CodeTaxstringRate code or canon
PriceTaxstringPrice of the rate or canon
Logisticslist of LineLogisticCollect the logistic info of the line, see more in LineLogistic (class)

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