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PlugIn TPV – Introduction

A plugin is a complement that is related to an application to provide new functionality, usually very specific. This add-on is executed by the main application and interacts through the functions and properties that are available.

We have put at your disposal the creation of a small example, step by step, using Visual Studio* and you can download a demo PlugIn from Github, where you can consult some examples.

To distribute the PlugIn, you have to compress all the necessary files in a ZIP file and use the option of Gestión de archivos de servidor to upload or update it. Once imported, the file will be available to all terminals who connect.

It is important that the ZIP file is uploaded under the name Plugin.zip to the folder Actualizaciones de TPV. Normally only the .dll file and the images or icons are necessary. It is not necessary to upload the .pdb file or the .xml of the project itself.

(*) There is a development version, Visual Studio Community, which can be downloaded for free.

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